Royal Sails Free – Royal Sails is a game about naval combat in the XVIth century

Royal Sails Free

Royal Sails is a game about naval combat in the XVIth century

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This version of Royal Sails contains ads.

Royal Sails is an action/adventure game from CODE FORGE GAMES

The Caribbean, XVI Century. English privateers are steadily increasing their attacks on the Spanish supply lines, and the war between England and Spain is drawing near. You, as Sir William Hawkins, Captain of the Royal Navy, will take part in fight against the Spanish armada in the West Indies. During the course of your career you will take part in raids on enemy cities, plunder treasure fleets and fight in intense naval battles, to secure the dominance of the British Empire in the Caribbean.

Awards & Review 
* Best Apps Award 
“(…) everything is done in the service of the action, and that’s the way a privateer likes it. — Keoni C.” – 

Royal Sails features:

Battle through 20 exciting missions
Take command of 4 deadly warships
Take down your enemies with 3 different weapons.
Command your allies throug the overview interface.

If you encounter any issues please contact us at codeforgegames_com/support

Detail information:


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