Knife King3-Zombie War 3D – Knife King3-Zombie War 3D

Knife King3-Zombie War 3D

Knife King3-Zombie War 3D

Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 0Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 1Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 2Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 3Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 4Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 5Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 6Knife King3-Zombie War 3D screenshot 7

Knife King-Zombie War 3D

It is a fusion of Shoot Apple, Fruit Slice, Shoot Apple and Archery Bottle Shoot kill boss
Test the player’s skills and accuracy

Plants vs Zomebies
If you accidentally killed by zombies, they will come to a bloody zombie dance challenge you!
Come and experience the knife “shot blasting zombies,” the thrill of it!

It is a blend of apple shoot, shoot knife, cut fruit, shoot bows and arrows, smashing bottles,, attack of the giant,
Vent super spoof shooter test the player’s skill and precision

If you like funny bloody violence and excitement
Flying the king must not miss – Zombie onslaught 3D game!

Knife King-Zombie War 3D game mode is divided into

1 checkpoints Mode: Flying restrictions
2 high score mode: Unlimited Flying

Knife King-Zombie War 3D onslaught method of operation is very simple
Shaking using a mobile phone to control the direction,
Tap the screen to hit the target throwing shot blasting zombies

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