Full Darkness – Full darkness is an action game based on physics

Full Darkness

Full darkness is an action game based on physics

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Full darkness is an action game based on physics.

The aim of the game is to guide the little spaceship to take bonuses scattered on each level.

To move the spacecraft is necessary to insert the magnets that have an attractive force that lasts 1 second.

There is a limited number of magnets that can be placed for each level. Each level has a time limit and a number of bonuses that must be met.

There are two types of bonuses:
Blue Sphere: additional magnet that can be placed by the player.
Red Sphere: magnet that appears randomly.

The number visible near the spacecraft indicates how many magnets you can still place for the current level.

The levels are dynamically generated, and there are three types of scenarios:

NORMAL – The obstacles are positioned in a regular manner.
CHAOS – The obstacles are randomly placed.
FREE – The number of obstacles increases according to the level.
There are enemies who, if close enough, activate an attractive force towards them. The number of enemies changes depending on the level.

Two camera modes:

Dynamic: the camera gently follows the direction of the spacecraft.
Fixed: The camera is fixed on the spacecraft.
Two speed of play: Normal, High.

Pressing the ‘fire’ you can activate the Turbo, so that the spacecraft will double its speed for a few seconds.

Help for android:
Touch on the screen: place the magnet.
Button ‘fire’ touch: turbo mode and reload next/current level.
Key Escape: exit game.

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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