Dream Swim – Get challenged to travel far away into the sea of imagination.

Dream Swim

Get challenged to travel far away into the sea of imagination.

Dream Swim screenshot 0Dream Swim screenshot 1Dream Swim screenshot 2Dream Swim screenshot 3Dream Swim screenshot 4Dream Swim screenshot 5Dream Swim screenshot 6Dream Swim screenshot 7Dream Swim screenshot 8Dream Swim screenshot 9Dream Swim screenshot 10Dream Swim screenshot 11Dream Swim screenshot 12Dream Swim screenshot 13Dream Swim screenshot 14

An action game that relies on precision skills to get you into a breathtaking journey to outer space and beyond.

Forget imprecise motion-sensing stuff, clumsy controls or a screen cluttered with buttons––like the annoying virtual pad on touch-based devices. Really, just use your thumbs on the screen to move back and forth and enjoy the awesome ride.

Simple gestures give you total control to bounce the fish around: Choose the way you want to go and take advantage of precise landings to gain impulse and progress into this psychedelic journey.

Features include:
• Old-style platform gaming tailored for touch-based devices.
• Extremely easy to learn yet challenging to master.
• Progression system with dozens of cosmetics for customization.
• Missions system and the weekly swimming competition.

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com


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