Ball to Goal – Ball to Goal

Ball to Goal

Ball to Goal

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Ball to Goal
Feeling bored?…. or wanna do some target practicing?…. like, but absolutely no time for a complete pool game?
If so.. This is the best game designed for you.
Ball to Goal is a simple target hitting game, where the quickest and most accurate player can score more. Users can post their scores to facebook and challenge others.
Those who loved pinball, traditional pool, snooker and bowman, will love ‘Ball to Goal’ more. Those who are fed up with various bird stuff like angry birds, flappy bird, or traditional running games such as temple run, this will be a novel experience for you.

How to Play
Adjust the power and direction of the ball by touching and dragging on it. Your one and only target will be to direct the ball into spinning goal. You will receive one point for successful goal hit.
You will be initially given 30 seconds to play. But if you collect a clock in a successful try you will be added up with additional 5 seconds.
Coins will appear during game play and will give additional point per each coin collected in a successful try.

You can login with facebook and share your scores directly into facebook. So your friends can take the challenge and beat you. Nothing will prevail without competition.

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