LSD City Panic – LSD City Panic! It's a city-wide panic because of LSD!

LSD City Panic

LSD City Panic! It’s a city-wide panic because of LSD!

LSD City Panic screenshot 0LSD City Panic screenshot 1LSD City Panic screenshot 2

BREAKING NEWS: A group of terrifying terrorists have stolen a helicopter and are using it to drop bombs on the city! The police are unable to stop them, as the bombs are laced with LSD, so they are too busy tripping phat balls to end the city-wide panic. Unless someone is able to protect the city from the falling explosives, thousands of innocent city people will die from an LSD overdose. The city needs a hero.

With the city in turmoil, it’s up to YOU to get in your pickup-truck and protect the city by catching the falling bombs with it. You MUST protect the city for as long as possible! But be careful, as the bombs contain LSD, the more you miss, the more trouble you may have, and dropping too many will leave the city destroyed. Hold out for as long as you can.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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