Clumsy Tanks – Get ready for a fascinating tank race!

Clumsy Tanks

Get ready for a fascinating tank race!

Clumsy Tanks screenshot 0Clumsy Tanks screenshot 1Clumsy Tanks screenshot 2Clumsy Tanks screenshot 3Clumsy Tanks screenshot 4Clumsy Tanks screenshot 5Clumsy Tanks screenshot 6Clumsy Tanks screenshot 7Clumsy Tanks screenshot 8Clumsy Tanks screenshot 9Clumsy Tanks screenshot 10Clumsy Tanks screenshot 11Clumsy Tanks screenshot 12Clumsy Tanks screenshot 13Clumsy Tanks screenshot 14

Get ready for a fascinating tank race! High speed, a lot of obstacles and an engaging game play await you. The game will put you in the shoes of a tank crewman on the battle field were you may be attacked by the enemy with any step you make.
The Tanks is the favourite game of your childhood. All of us used to spend hours competing with each other who’s faster and more skilled being glued to the TV with a game console. To be allowed to play you had to behave well and eat up all the broccoli for lunch. Now it’s way easier, the game with your so-much-loved tanks is available for download right now!
The control mechanics is simple: until you tap on the screen, the tank goes forward. You control it by taping the right and left sides of the screen. The continually growing speed makes the game pretty dynamic.
There is a leaderboard available where you can get the real-time info about the top players with the highest scores.
The game is for each and everyone. Nothing complicated, only the pleasure out of riding the tank and getting the top positions in the rating!
Accept the challengeto fight, your tank is waiting for you!

– A simple and convenient gameplay
– The opportunity to check your reaction and attention
– An original game of high quality
– Leaderboard: the rating of participants

Detail information and download apk file:


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