Panic Pop – Pop bubbles and don't let one shrink! Good luck!

Panic Pop

Pop bubbles and don’t let one shrink! Good luck!

Panic Pop screenshot 0Panic Pop screenshot 1Panic Pop screenshot 2Panic Pop screenshot 3Panic Pop screenshot 4Panic Pop screenshot 5Panic Pop screenshot 6Panic Pop screenshot 7Panic Pop screenshot 8Panic Pop screenshot 9Panic Pop screenshot 10Panic Pop screenshot 11Panic Pop screenshot 12Panic Pop screenshot 13Panic Pop screenshot 14

The Original Panic Popping game!

Panic Pop started from my own fears. It originally was meant to help those who were suffering from panic disorder, a disease that causes violent and often unexpected panic attacks that are reinforced by negative thoughts (like “I’m definitely going to have a heart attack” or “That guy is following me and going to murder my brain”). Since I am a suffer of this disorder, I wanted to do something about these awful experiences. So I made Panic Pop. The entire point of this game is to suck you in. It’s meant to be something that requires your entire focus. It should not let you set it down.

The thought was that if the player could set the game down, they could go back to panicking. So I hope, with all my heart, whether you are a panic attack sufferer or just a regular bloke, that you will be immersed and consumed by my game. Good luck!

Don’t let the bubbles shrink.

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