Buster’s Boost – Buster has escaped the Chartboost office in San Francisco with a bubble jetpack!

Buster's Boost

Buster has escaped the Chartboost office in San Francisco with a bubble jetpack!

Buster's Boost screenshot 0Buster's Boost screenshot 1Buster's Boost screenshot 2Buster's Boost screenshot 3Buster's Boost screenshot 4Buster's Boost screenshot 5Buster's Boost screenshot 6Buster's Boost screenshot 7Buster's Boost screenshot 8

Buster has escaped Chartboost’s San Francisco Headquarters! Empower him to make more money by exploring the city and avoiding obstacles while on his action-packed adventure.

[How to Play]
Tap and hold the screen to boost upwards.
Release to descend.

About Chartboost:
Chartboost is the largest revenue platform for mobile games. Chartboost empowers developers to find new players and monetize their games, by providing them with the tools and analytics to make smarter decisions. The company reinvented distribution through development of the first 100% transparent ad network, and industry’s only Direct Deals Marketplace encouraging developers to work directly with one another. Chartboost powers over 60,000 games from companies such as Machine Zone, Supercell, Wooga, NimbleBit, ZeptoLab, Pocket Gems, PikPok, Animoca, Tap4Fun and Chukong, and drives over twelve billion game sessions per month. Chartboost is a Sequoia-backed company with offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam. For more information, please visit chartboost_com or check out our blog.chartboost.com.

The purpose of this game is to demo Chartboost products in a live environment.

Detail information and download apk file for android: goo.gl/CCz2fu


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