Yeti Hop – Hop along blocks of ice.

Yeti Hop

Hop along blocks of ice.

Yeti Hop screenshot 0Yeti Hop screenshot 1Yeti Hop screenshot 2Yeti Hop screenshot 3Yeti Hop screenshot 4Yeti Hop screenshot 5Yeti Hop screenshot 6Yeti Hop screenshot 7Yeti Hop screenshot 8Yeti Hop screenshot 9Yeti Hop screenshot 10Yeti Hop screenshot 11Yeti Hop screenshot 12Yeti Hop screenshot 13

Yeti Hop is a game where you must avoid falling onto the hard ice by hopping on incoming platforms, featuring an online high score system which is cross platform.

Platforms will start coming from the right and its your job to make sure you land on them
to not only gain points, but avoid death.

Use the touch keys at the bottom to move your yeti left and right, and the up key to hop.

Plan your hops with accuracy. It helps to get to hard reaching platforms by
staying as close to the edge as possible before hopping.

Yeti Hop also features a rocket jetpack in which you must dodge “flappy” like walls
after landing on around 10 platforms.

The jetpack does not work as a flap, but more of a thrust. Hold the hop/up button
to control where you are vertically while dodging ice walls.

Dodge as many ice walls as you can until you reach ice platforms to hop on again.

Hop along with others by using the online score boards to challenge others!

See more information and download apk file:


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