Ballzerz – Ballzerz, balls of fun for everyone!


Ballzerz, balls of fun for everyone!

Ballzerz screenshot 0Ballzerz screenshot 1Ballzerz screenshot 2Ballzerz screenshot 3Ballzerz screenshot 4Ballzerz screenshot 5Ballzerz screenshot 6Ballzerz screenshot 7Ballzerz screenshot 8Ballzerz screenshot 9Ballzerz screenshot 10Ballzerz screenshot 11Ballzerz screenshot 12Ballzerz screenshot 13Ballzerz screenshot 14Ballzerz screenshot 15Ballzerz screenshot 16Ballzerz screenshot 17Ballzerz screenshot 18Ballzerz screenshot 19Ballzerz screenshot 20

The most fun and addictive rebounding game with a difference. You are an exoskeleton animal which will bounce, jump, aim and dodge balls, bubbles, bugs and bombs in 4 unique worlds. A game of training levels and free play, play for high scores and unlock bonus characters along the way.

So who’s got balls? Andy Armadillo! He’s got too many balls. Tom Turtle has got bobbling bubbles and Sammy Snail has got buzzing bugs, but there is 1 thing in common, they all turn into bombs. So heads up, come and enjoy Ballzerz, balls of fun for everyone!

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*Easy and fun to play for all ages.
*4 different worlds –
Andy Armadillo/Desert – free to play
Tommy Turtle/Ocean – available with in-app purchases
Sammy Snail/Garden – available with in-app purchases
Classic Version – available with in-app purchases
*Each world game play differs as balls, bubbles and bugs all bounce, bobble or zig zag in different directions.
*5 training levels in each world except Classic Version which has no training.
*7 bonus characters to unlock and play –
Tammy Tortoise
Barry Beetle
Sally Spider
Nelly Nautilus
Leslie Lobster
Gary Grasshopper
and the ultimate Harry Hermit Crab
*Free play game options –
Super bounce on/off
Rolling bombs on/off
Balls and Bomb play
Bomb dodge play
Deflectors on/off (classic only)
Easy/normal/hard (Classic only)

Ballzerz, balls of fun for everyone!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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