Drop Birds – Drop birds is an addictive and funny falling down game!

Drop Birds

Drop birds is an addictive and funny falling down game!

Drop Birds screenshot 0Drop Birds screenshot 1Drop Birds screenshot 2Drop Birds screenshot 3Drop Birds screenshot 4Drop Birds screenshot 5Drop Birds screenshot 6Drop Birds screenshot 7Drop Birds screenshot 8Drop Birds screenshot 9Drop Birds screenshot 10Drop Birds screenshot 11Drop Birds screenshot 12Drop Birds screenshot 13Drop Birds screenshot 14Drop Birds screenshot 15

The aim of this game is to drop the selected bird character as long as possible. Do not worry, gravity will help you enough about falling down. You can increase your score by collecting 10, 30 and 100 point yellow stars, and you can speed up your bird by collecting teleport and gravity bonuses. Another bonus is the downsizing bonus. No matter how handy is the downsizing bonus, it can sometimes put you at risk as the game speeds up, be careful! If you go out of the screen, the game ends up. Do not forget to save your score to the global scoreboard, when the game ends. Who knows, maybe you might have made the highest score in the world. You can enjoy our game on your tablet and your phone.

How to Play:

1. You should rotate your device left and right to take bird to the right or left.
2. You can jump the bird by pressing anywhere on the screen.

Please do not forget to forward all kinds of your opinions, suggestions and complaints to help us improve our game. By the way, thanks to the producers of “Angry Birds”, “Flappy Birds” inspiring us to produce this game. As you can see, they are the reason for using birds in this game.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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