Dumpy Dummy – Help poor and disused Dumpy Dummy to make his last stunt to his greatest one.

Dumpy Dummy

Help poor and disused Dumpy Dummy to make his last stunt to his greatest one.

Dumpy Dummy screenshot 0Dumpy Dummy screenshot 1Dumpy Dummy screenshot 2Dumpy Dummy screenshot 3Dumpy Dummy screenshot 4Dumpy Dummy screenshot 5Dumpy Dummy screenshot 6Dumpy Dummy screenshot 7Dumpy Dummy screenshot 8Dumpy Dummy screenshot 9Dumpy Dummy screenshot 10

Take direct control over the body of poor and disused Dumpy Dummy and help him to make his last stunt to his greatest one.

Outstanding gameplay features:
– New and never seen bevor physics based gameplay based on the idea to give the player direct control over the extremities of a humanoid creature.

– Procedural level generation so no new game will look like the last game.

– Unique mixture of skill and fast-paced action elements.

The whole story of poor Dumpy Dummy:

After serving his whole live as a crash test dummy for a well-known car company, Dumpy Dummy was replaced by the new and fancy iDummy model.

But instead to dignify his merits for the corporation and allow him a retirement in dignity in a museum or display window, the management has decided for economic reasons to dispose pitiable Dumpy Dummy by simple throwing him off a mountainside like an ordinary piece of garbage.

But Dumpy Dummy is not the kind of dummy, who simply accepts his unfortunate fate.
Instead he remembered that making great stunts is his big passion and all he wanted in live. So he decided that if the fall from a mountainside shall be his last stunt then it shall be his greatest stunt too.

By taking direct control over the arms and legs of Dumpy Dummy the success of the stunt lies in your hands. But be aware that making a good figure is not the only challenge on the way down.
Avoiding getting caught at obstacles or crushed by avalanches are only two examples for difficulties which have to be mastered.

Since we like Dumpy Dummy and want to make sure that Dumpy Dummy gets as much help as possible, we offer his app for FREE.

So get your copy now and enjoy playing a great and very dynamic game, ultimately challenging your dexterity.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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