Christmas Resque:Save Santa – Christmas Resque Save Santa game

Christmas Resque:Save Santa

Christmas Resque Save Santa game

Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 0Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 1Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 2Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 3Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 4Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 5Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 6Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 7Christmas Resque:Save Santa screenshot 8

Save Santa-Christmas Resque game
How to play:
The game consists of nine levels in total. When the main screen appears you have several options.
At the bottom left of the screen are options to toggle the sound
on/off as well as exit the game. All 9 levels are available to play at any time. Simply click on one of
coloured buttons in order to play the associated stage.
Once you have selected a level it will be loaded immediately. The goal of each level is to save all the Santas trapped in the scene.
In order to do this you must allow each Santa to reach the bottom of the screen.
In order for this to happen the player must remove as many blocks as possible by clicking on them.
Only 2 or more blocks of the same colour that are joined together can be removed.
In order to successfully complete a level the player must save all the Santas in the scene and
destroy as many blocks as possible.
As the levels progress they get progressively more challenging. The order in which groups of blocks
are destroyed becomes important and removing blocks in the wrong order may prevent all the
dragons from being saved.

Please save our Santas like a little candy,One of the best kids game on store
play this new exciting puzzle game,Santas are up high in the sky and to save them you have to use the most important thing that we have ,our Brains,get those Santas to safety with step by step and save them with many exciting levels and get to the big castle.

See more information and download apk file:


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