Gravity Joy Run!! – ~Running in a dreamy world where gravity changes~

Gravity Joy Run!!

~Running in a dreamy world where gravity changes~

Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 0Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 1Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 2Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 3Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 4Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 5Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 6Gravity Joy Run!! screenshot 7

Unity-Chan is here to bring you excitements and challenges as you run along 50+ different kinds of obstacles with different types of gravity.

Gravity is no longer merely a downward force. Its direction will change. Be agile! Be smart! Your job is to keep her running on the platform using all means possible!

As Unity-Chan runs with joyfulness, her pace will gradually increase. Just how long can you survive without falling off? Just how high can your score get? Challenge yourself and start playing Gravity Joy Run today!

-Tilt your phone to control the character.
-When gravity’s direction is vertical, tilt your phone LEFT & RIGHT.
-When gravity’s direction is horizontal, tilt your phone BACK and FORTH.
-Play the game on a flat surface.
-When you touch an ARROW, gravity will change in the ARROW’s direction.
-When you touch a SPRING, it bounces you. Always use the SPRING when you find one.

Think that you are getting better? Give hard mode a try and Unity-Chan will run at max speed!

-Game play music: Dream of Sanctity – by Indigo Rain
-This content has been published and distributed on the basis of the “unity-chan license” (

Detail information and download apk file:


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