Bloodthirsty – Synchronize your abilities in order to survive longer in the Haunted Forrest


Synchronize your abilities in order to survive longer in the Haunted Forrest

Bloodthirsty screenshot 0Bloodthirsty screenshot 1Bloodthirsty screenshot 2Bloodthirsty screenshot 3Bloodthirsty screenshot 4Bloodthirsty screenshot 5Bloodthirsty screenshot 6Bloodthirsty screenshot 7Bloodthirsty screenshot 8Bloodthirsty screenshot 9Bloodthirsty screenshot 10Bloodthirsty screenshot 11Bloodthirsty screenshot 12Bloodthirsty screenshot 13Bloodthirsty screenshot 14

Bloodthirsty is an arcade fun to play game. Help Jacob the werewolf survive as long as possible in the Haunted Forrest ! Be careful not to die in this arcade game.
You have three abilities :
– Double Jumping
– The Claw Attack
– The Bite Attack.
Your superpowers have a few seconds cooldown , so take care when you use them , as enemies can come at any moment and kill you. So, survive,survive,survive !
Also collect coins and watch after the special magic coin , which give you amazing extra powers.
Fill your BloodMeter by killing enemies , in order to achieve the Bloodlust and score even more points !
Use your superpowers in order to survive the most crucial moments ! You are one of the most powerful Werewolves and your mission is to kill as much Fairies , Warriors , Golems or Ghosts ! The Fairy is very fast , the Warrior is very tall , the Golem is very big and solid and the Ghost is just maleficent. This is not just another Temple Run game or Flappy Bird clone , i hope it’s unique in it’s way and you will like it !
-Powerful abilities
-Cooldown-synchronization based gameplay
-Posibility of upgrading your abilities
-Extra Powers
-Collect coins
-Use coins in shop
-Achievements & Leaderboards

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Bloodthirsty is a free game. And it will stay free.
Help Bloodthirsty achieve the top games in it’s category ,maybe it could be one of the best arcade games.
Support the developer.

Download apk file for android:


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