LSD Space King – Trip out, and take on the dangers of the galaxy!

LSD Space King

Trip out, and take on the dangers of the galaxy!

LSD Space King screenshot 0LSD Space King screenshot 1LSD Space King screenshot 2

“In a not so long time ago… in a rather unsavory galaxy…
Rumors that the legendary “LSD Space King”, carrying an ungodly amount of Space-LSD was caught up in an asteroid field, died, and had his huge cargo of Space-LSD scattered.
For a while, no one dared to enter what the Space D.E.A. had called the “Piss off” zone. Even the local space pirates knew death was inevitable by going in there.
However, a humble cargo-ship with a malfunctioning warp drive was mistakenly warped right into the zone. Up against impossible odds, from the deadly asteroids and the Space D.E.A., on top of the threat of explosion from the busted warm drive that can only be postponed by its consumption of Space-LSD as fuel, the lone vessel has no choice but to get totally nekkid gacked… and try to survive.”

Take charge of the lone vessel, and awkwardly navigate the expansive asteroid field with LSD Space King’s unique mechanics.
Avoid being distracted by hallucinations, but reap the benefits of double points from the glorious Space-LSD.
Flee from the Space D.E.A. and dodge those sexy lasers.
Enjoy various references that’ll make you exclaim: “Hey, I’m from the internet and this amuses me!”

LSD Space King.
It is what it is.

From any inquiries, or if you have any issues/suggestions, feel free to contact the developer at:

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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