Warm Me – The lovely family of matches are here to help Jimmy-the-Sloth take a shower…

Warm Me

The lovely family of matches are here to help Jimmy-the-Sloth take a shower…

Warm Me screenshot 0Warm Me screenshot 1Warm Me screenshot 2Warm Me screenshot 3Warm Me screenshot 4Warm Me screenshot 5Warm Me screenshot 6Warm Me screenshot 7

After several years, Jimmy-the-Sloth has decided to take a shower! Now it is up to you to make this historical event happen. The magic hats are here to help you heat the water; But since they are magic hats and everything could jump out of them, your job will be a little hard.
In the way of heating Jimmy’s water, the lovely family of matches will be your best friends. Cigarettes and ice creams are the other things jumping out of hats. Cigarettes could be used to heat the water, but using them may have unpleasant consequences! Although ice creams might have friendly faces, but they decrease the temperature of water.
“Warm me” could be one of the most challenging games you have ever played! The first levels might be easy to play but when you reach higher levels, you’re going to need a lot of focus and agility. As you unlock the chapters, various items like wrench, magic wand, golden egg, mouse trap and etc. will be available to be used in the game.
· The game contains optional in-app purchases.
· In each chapter you should play 9 levels of speed. As you climb up a chapter tree, the game speed increases.
· This is the first version of Warm Me and we will be waiting for your feedback to improve the game.

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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