Prison Flying Escape – Escape the prison flying a contraption made from spoons. What could go wrong?

Prison Flying Escape

Escape the prison flying a contraption made from spoons. What could go wrong?

Prison Flying Escape screenshot 0Prison Flying Escape screenshot 1Prison Flying Escape screenshot 2Prison Flying Escape screenshot 3Prison Flying Escape screenshot 4Prison Flying Escape screenshot 5Prison Flying Escape screenshot 6Prison Flying Escape screenshot 7Prison Flying Escape screenshot 8Prison Flying Escape screenshot 9Prison Flying Escape screenshot 10Prison Flying Escape screenshot 11Prison Flying Escape screenshot 12Prison Flying Escape screenshot 13Prison Flying Escape screenshot 14

In Prison Flying Escape, your goal is simple… ESCAPE!

But, lets not discuss the reason you are in prison. Instead, lets focus on the escape!

In this prison the only escape is by air, but luckily the evil genius Max who just happens to also be your cell mate has designed the ultimate flying machine made with spoons and paper. Quite an achievement really.

So no helicopter escape for you, not even an 80’s retro model with old flappy propellors. No such luck! Spoons only!!

Max’s contraption allows you to take flight and make a run from the prison, but only barely!!

Now, I am not going to lie to you, the controls are going to take some time to master, but I know you are up for this, because frankly if you don’t master them, you’re stuck in here for the rest of your life!

With your unique flying device strapped to your head, the idea is to navigate between the two prison traps as you slowly move up the screen.

Yes, defy gravity, swing on those spoons and do your best to dodge everything!

Don’t touch a wall or the traps as you will be out of action. Permanently (if you catch my drift).

Now Max managed to achieve the impossible – flight with spoons, but it comes at a cost – manoeuvrability! Simply put you need to be continually working the controls, or it will go flying off and will smash you rather painfully into a trap or wall!

Its a difficult challenge (hard even), and making the break is not going to be easy!

So keep tapping left and right to maintain balance. Max has given you a sporting chance of success, so don’t blow it!

Download Prison Flying Escape today!

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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