Astronaut Escape πŸš€ Test – Best Arcade Game Experience With Graphics and Sounds of the 90,s.Play It Now!

Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test

Best Arcade Game Experience With Graphics and Sounds of the 90,s.Play It Now!

Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 0Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 1Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 2Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 3Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 4Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 5Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 6Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 7Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 8Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 9Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 10Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 11Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 12Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 13Astronaut Escape 🚀 Test screenshot 14

Arcade Game

In this cool arcade scenario you are a brave astronaut who is trying to rescue his wife from the little badass retro alien monsters. You can take the spaceship to be safe for a few seconds in the incredible adventure that will blow your mind away and will make you feel like in the 90’s again.

Don’t let the little monsters catch you and eat you. Avoid touching them and try to aboard as many spaceships as you can because that is the only way to be safe for a while. But, be careful, you cannot go further than the red line limits otherwise you will die for lack of oxygen!

The amazing pixel art and the retro music will make you so addicted to it that you will not feel the time passing by. All of the graphics and music was inspired by the fabulous retro games of the 90’s. Brave Astronaut Adventure Game was designed carefully for your most pleasant experience.

The true Brave Astronaut Adventure master will have a sophisticated spatial memory, pattern recognition ability and trajectory predicting skill. OR ALSO YOU CAN DEFEAT THE FIRST BOSS TO UNLOCK THE EASY MODE.


– Drag the Brave Astronaut with your finger
– Avoid the Badass Retro Alien Monsters
– Don’t go further than the red lines limits, or you will die!
– Aboard As Many Spaceships As You Can

Other Features

• Brilliant Escape Strategy
• Thrilling And Engaging Story
• Amazing Retro Music And Effects
• 5 Different Bosses And Levels
• Amazing suits (Ironman Retro Suit)
• All new 3 Different Spaceships
• Perfect Pixel Art Graphics 90’s Style
• Different dificulties

Are you brave enough to try out Brave Astronaut Adventure Game?

Our Reviews:

• Highly recommended game. It is great, fun and very addictive to hang out hahaha

• Best arcade game, very good

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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