Bounce Up Zone – Bounce Up to the Zone! Boing Boing!

Bounce Up Zone

Bounce Up to the Zone! Boing Boing!

Bounce Up Zone screenshot 0Bounce Up Zone screenshot 1Bounce Up Zone screenshot 2Bounce Up Zone screenshot 3Bounce Up Zone screenshot 4Bounce Up Zone screenshot 5Bounce Up Zone screenshot 6Bounce Up Zone screenshot 7Bounce Up Zone screenshot 8Bounce Up Zone screenshot 9Bounce Up Zone screenshot 10Bounce Up Zone screenshot 11Bounce Up Zone screenshot 12Bounce Up Zone screenshot 13Bounce Up Zone screenshot 14

Bounce Up to the Zone! This blue ball is a fast bouncer and you need to avoid the red moving parts while the dot keeps bouncing up and down from platform to platform. This furious ballgame has you playing the laws of physics like gravity and freefall. You need to be fast while the jumper ball is bouncing and you jump to the next platform, tap left or right to roll to the opening in between platforms.

You’re on a rebound to beat your friends’ high score or your own in this clever cliffhanger of a bouncing ballgame.
Reach the power-ups to gain invincibility, speed up or slow down and jump higher. Break as many blue lines as you possibly can to increase your score and move to the next platform. Avoid to freefall and tap to jump and avoid the red rotating spiky hand. It would crush your dot in an instant and you’d be fast splattered in a thousand rolling pieces! This ball is fast but still has to obey the laws of physics while bouncing to the top and rolling over platforms. With a tap you can become the Ruler of the Crazy Ball, the Jumper of the Bounce Up Zone!


◉ Insanely simple and addictive
◉ Endless gameplay that never grows old
◉ Awesome Power-ups
◉ Amazing physics

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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