Bizarre Aquarium – Insane Aquarium Nostalgia

Bizarre Aquarium

Insane Aquarium Nostalgia

Bizarre Aquarium screenshot 0Bizarre Aquarium screenshot 1Bizarre Aquarium screenshot 2Bizarre Aquarium screenshot 3

In the arcade-style game Bizarre Aquarium, you’re the owner of a brand spanking new aquarium, with the task of rising and taking care of your very own fish!

Begin your game by purchasing some small fishes. Feed them to help them grow, and once they reach a certain size they’ll bring you fortune. Collect money to buy better food, special items, and, of course, more fish.
As you begin playing, things are pretty calm . . . for a little while!

As you progress, you’ll have options to buy more exotic fish, upgraded weapons, and more nutritious food. In addition to feeding fish and collecting coins, you also need to watch out for vicious aliens and monsters that periodically warp into your tank. Fight them off with your laser blasters and defend your aquarium.
As your population grows, so does the fun and excitement!

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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