Kiwi Hobo Run – Kiwi Hobo Run – action fantasy platform game. Jump, Run, Shoot, Collect to Win.

Kiwi Hobo Run

Kiwi Hobo Run – action fantasy platform game. Jump, Run, Shoot, Collect to Win.

Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 0Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 1Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 2Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 3Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 4Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 5Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 6Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 7Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 8Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 9Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 10Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 11Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 12Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 13Kiwi Hobo Run screenshot 14

Explore the challenging maze puzzle designed platformer. Be careful not to get lost or trap in the maze.

A classic platform game, easy to play, hard to finish and challenge yourself to achieve 3 stars for each level.

Super fast run or jump or shoot controller.

Kiwi Hobo Run is an action-packed fantasy platform game in an illusion labyrinth wonderland. Jump, Run, Shoot, collect Kiwi fruits and Energy. Don’t worry about dying – you have infinite lives and time, but the Energy is limited, so be careful. Otherwise you will lingering and wander in the wonderland forever.

In Kiwi Hobo Run you control the lovely alien creatures, they are friendly, agile and love Kiwifruits. They come from the KiwiPlanet which is a far far away extragalactic planet. Their spaceships had crashed on earth, they had been scattered everywhere. Now they have to find their ways by running through the labyrinths to get on the balloon, and that will take them back to the spaceship. They need to collect enough Energy and Kiwi fruits along the way to find a way through the labyrinths for the chance to be home.

Features and Highlights:
Action and Adventure challenging run game in the maze, labyrinth designed platform.
Explore the labyrinth wonderland.
Collect Kiwi fruits and get 3 Stars.
Collect Energy to breakthrough the obstacles.
Shoot the obstacles for a way out but be careful not to waste your valuable Energy on random shots.
Find the exit Balloon to complete the level and on to another World.

Enjoy the fun and cute Kiwi Hobo Run sidescroller platform game.

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Download apk file for android:


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