The F-Bird: Revenge – Kill as many F-Birds as you can before it's too late!

The F-Bird: Revenge

Kill as many F-Birds as you can before it’s too late!

The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 0The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 1The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 2The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 3The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 4The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 5The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 6The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 7The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 8The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 9The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 10The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 11The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 12The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 13The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 14The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 15The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 16The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 17The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 18The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 19The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 20The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 21The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 22The F-Bird: Revenge screenshot 23

★ Pro Version includes: Twice as much coins every 3 hours in the main menu. No ads. ★

The F-Birds were decimated and killed in thousands by human civilization due to flapping experiments.
Hidden in a long forgotten village the remains of the race plotted a revenge plan against humanity. Going all-in, they want payback for every killed bird and eradicate what has brought them close to extinction.

The destiny of humanity lays in your and your fellows hands: How long will you last?

– Fast and easy to learn gameplay
– An in-game shop where you can upgrade your character
– Various enemies with multiple abilities
– Boss levels
– … and much more!

Different fire mode:

In the options menu you can easily change between “tap-to-fire” mode and an automatic fire mode where you can tap n’ hold to fire.


You start every round with 125 ammo that you can refill by killing birds with eventually drop an item that grants 75 ammunition.
Birds can also drop a life regeneration item which instantly refills 40 lifepoints, an activatable shield, which lets you become immune for a short amount of time, or a golden coin which increases your coins by 15.


In the shop you can for example upgrade your weapon damage or the duration of the shield item.
An increased dropchance of items can also be useful to achieve a higher score or collect coins even faster.
Upgrade your movement speed to reach items quicker before they disappear.
Also your maximum lifepoints can be increased in the shop. Note that life power-up’s can only restore you life but not add lifepoints.

The ‘Extra Life’ allows you to continue battle versus the F-Birds directly after you have been slayed. Score, coins, level, and ammunition of the previous round will not be reset and on top you get an extra of 125 ammo.
It is possible to use more than one extra life per round!

The ‘Hourglass’ is activatable, just like the shield, within the game. But unlike the shield, the hourglass can not be obtained by killing birds, it has to be bought in the shop for a fairly small amount of coins.
When activated, enemies flying speed will be extremely reduced and you have enough time to take them all out.

Special F-Birds:

From time to time you may see a golden F-Bird flying across your screen. If you manage to bring him down, you will be rewarded with a golden coin (+15 coins).

Behind the hills, on the left-hand side of the screen, a green bird lurks in the distance. If he ventures out, he will drive a rapid attack from the side. Keep an eye on him!

Every 7 level you will encounter a boss which is pretty strong and if he touches you, your virtual destiny is sealed.
At every first boss encounter per round, a little hint will tell you, in which direction the boss charges first. You should pay good attention where the little bird pops out in the background! Every other boss this round will, depending on the first boss, alternating attack from left or right.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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