Bertie Bird – Free – Easy to play! Collect Cherries, Get massive combo's, Don't touch the Cats. Poo!

Bertie Bird - Free

Easy to play! Collect Cherries, Get massive combo’s, Don’t touch the Cats. Poo!

Bertie Bird - Free screenshot 0Bertie Bird - Free screenshot 1Bertie Bird - Free screenshot 2Bertie Bird - Free screenshot 3Bertie Bird - Free screenshot 4

***Now with Google Leaderboards and achievements. Compete with friends and the rest of the world!!***

With simple, “Tap to Flap” style controls, anyone can pick up and play!

Get Massive Combo’s, help Bertie Bird climb the screen, collect cherries quickly and don’t touch the Pogo and AeroPlane Cats.

Tap to flap and Compete with the world, help your bird climb the leaderboard. Collect cherries and make Bertie Bird Poo the most!

Do you dare attempt the “WTF!?” game speed? (Hint : it’s in the settings menu) **Disclaimer : Very Quick reactions are needed, also known as the “twitch gaming” setting, I cannot be held responsible for any damage to walls, phones or your sanity**

Each Speed setting will need a different strategy that you should take to get the highest score.

Tortoise, slow and normal modes are best to attempt a Score Attack style of gaming, get the highest score and the biggest combo’s.

In Suicidal Maniac and WTF!? modes combo’s go out of the window and you just need to survive the longest you can! (Note: Reaching a high level will have a great effect on your score)

– Free to Play
– Suitable for all Ages
– Simple, pure, “Tap to Flap”, style one touch controls
– Change Game Speed : Tortoise, Slow, Normal, Suicidal Maniac & WTF!? **Note: Speed does affect the amount Bertie Bird Poo’s!!**
– Upgrades (Why should it only be cats that get 9 lives?)
– Cartoon like cute characters (Don’t touch the cats!)
– “Score Attack” style endless gaming
– Bird Pou ….lot’s of bird poo
– Achievements
– Fast and frantic, arcade, bird climbing, collect the cherries, don’t touch the cats gameplay
– Get massive scores and Compete with friends, family and the rest of the world!
– Cats on pogo sticks! (Definitely Don’t touch the Pogo Cats!)
– If all else fails….every bird has their own secret weapon….Bird Poo!

Note: “Suicidal Maniac” mode is my preference to have the most fun and is a nice balance between score attack and twitch gaming styles. Give it a try and decide which game speed suits your style of play!

WTF!? Mode should only be attempted by trained professionals and Masochist’s.

Have any problems or suggestions? You can reach us at

Bored of collecting cherries? This game implements opt-in video ads that players can watch to earn free cherries if they choose. This requires permission to access the USB card for caching purposes and also network connections. Watching video ads is voluntary if players want to speed up the rate they earn cherries, score quicker and Pou more!

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