Balance Benny – Balance Benny in this Summer's most challenging game!

Balance Benny

Balance Benny in this Summer’s most challenging game!

Balance Benny screenshot 0Balance Benny screenshot 1Balance Benny screenshot 2Balance Benny screenshot 3Balance Benny screenshot 4Balance Benny screenshot 5Balance Benny screenshot 6Balance Benny screenshot 7Balance Benny screenshot 8Balance Benny screenshot 9Balance Benny screenshot 10Balance Benny screenshot 11Balance Benny screenshot 12Balance Benny screenshot 13Balance Benny screenshot 14Balance Benny screenshot 15Balance Benny screenshot 16Balance Benny screenshot 17

“This Summer’s hottest new app!”


“If you like Flappy Birds and Crossy Roads, this is the game for you!”


Balance Benny as you master the unpredictable Indo Board in this hilarious and addictive new game!

❤ Simply tap left and right to Balance Benny!

❤ Get awesome new surf boards!

❤ Explore death-defying arenas!

❤ Pose for quadcopter selfies!

❤ Try not to fall… Fall a lot!

Balance Benny also features global leader boards and fun challenges to complete. Wipeouts never looked so cool!

Designed for all devices, included tablets.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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