Scatty Rat FREE – Escape all the labs, save all the rats!

Scatty Rat FREE

Escape all the labs, save all the rats!

Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 0Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 1Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 2Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 3Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 4Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 5Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 6Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 7Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 8Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 9Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 10Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 11Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 12Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 13Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 14Scatty Rat FREE screenshot 15

Scatty Rat is an endless maze-running game that’s addictive and fun.
Help Scatty collect other lab rats and lead them to freedom. Be careful, though! Not every rat will survive, and sometimes a sacrifice has to be made …


★ Simple: One finger control. Just pick up and play!
★ Platforming: Avoid obstacles and nasties by leaping or digging into the wallspace.
★ Puzzles: Try to save all the rats as you navigate through the wallspace maze.
★ Lab Tests: Special levels designed to challenge, with new levels added regularly!
★ Groove: Kick back to retro 8-bit tunes while you play.
★ Treasure: Boost your score by finding MEGA cheese, secret rooms and hidden loot.
★ Challenge: Rescue lab rats or fling them at stuff to reach treasure or get rid of nasties.
★ Replay: Repeat previous levels to improve your score.
★ Endless: Millions of levels – never play the same level twice!


This is a free version of the game without pesky ads spoiling the view! If you enjoy it, please consider buying the full game, which unlocks additional features:

★ Finished the Lab Tests? Download more as they become available!
★ Want different random levels? Play a new set every time!
★ Hate turrets or allergic to cats? Switch them off!
★ Want more of a challenge? Bump up the difficulty until your eyes bleed!
★ Want mazes the size of a cow? You got it!

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Download apk file for your android phone:


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