Phat Phrog – Phat Phrog is an all new one of a kind free to play, physics based arcade game

Phat Phrog

Phat Phrog is an all new one of a kind free to play, physics based arcade game

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Phat Phrog is an all new one of a kind free to play, physics based addictive arcade game that puts your reflexes and skills to the test (and also your patience).

Stay above the Surf! guide Phlam from log to log, try your best to hit the same colour each time to speed up your score multiplier, the higher you get your multiplier; the faster your score will increase but beware the longer you’re alive, the wilder the surf is going to get!

Dodge Bombs and gather treasure, the longer you’re on the surf, the harder it gets and you will need to try your best at avoiding bombs, eating “Phlais” and grabbing bountiful treasure.

Unlock new costumes by grabbing passing treasure chests, become a stealthful Neenja or a bountiful pirate looking for lost treasure. There will be more costumes coming!

See how your skills go up against your friends, can you earn more trophies or beat their scores. Also take part in events that are updated often such as the longest air time event (coming soon), to collect trophies you must hit a score between 4,000 – 8,000 that is randomly generated each game!

fantastic unique art from a very talented artist

There is lots planned for Phat Phrog; new gamemodes, evolving artwork, multiplayer & more costumes!



“Sometimes the best kinds of games are the ones that keep it simple and focus on delivering a fun experience” –

“Addictive, frustrating and hard to put down”- Alpha Tester


I Want to make the most entertaining infinite level game on mobile phones, so please show your support by giving Phat Phrog a rating. It really does make a difference. Thanks! 🙂

Programming & Development: Lee
Art & Graphics: Pakhin
Music: Incompetech (Kevin MacLeod)

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