Pip Panic! – Help Pip survive the endless waves of enemies!

Pip Panic!

Help Pip survive the endless waves of enemies!

Pip Panic! screenshot 0Pip Panic! screenshot 1Pip Panic! screenshot 2Pip Panic! screenshot 3Pip Panic! screenshot 4Pip Panic! screenshot 5Pip Panic! screenshot 6Pip Panic! screenshot 7Pip Panic! screenshot 8Pip Panic! screenshot 9Pip Panic! screenshot 10Pip Panic! screenshot 11Pip Panic! screenshot 12Pip Panic! screenshot 13Pip Panic! screenshot 14

Pip is a bird. Pip is also a cute, round blob of pink. Pip is stuck in an arena battling monsters for all the dignity and pride a flightless bird can ever own. Pip needs your help. Will you be the chosen one to help Pip survive the ordeal?

Join Pip in a 2D arcade endless survival game, battlin — err, running away from waves of swine, rats, wild geese, and all sorts of different enemy-men.

– More than 20 ability cards to utilise!
– Just the ground tap to run, and use the skills by tapping!
– Collect and spend hard-earned coins to unlock more powerful skills, eventually giving you the ability to fight back against the enemies!

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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