Press – Test your reflexes with the most unpredictable game of all time!


Test your reflexes with the most unpredictable game of all time!

Press screenshot 0Press screenshot 1Press screenshot 2Press screenshot 3Press screenshot 4Press screenshot 5Press screenshot 6Press screenshot 7Press screenshot 8Press screenshot 9Press screenshot 10Press screenshot 11Press screenshot 12Press screenshot 13Press screenshot 14Press screenshot 15Press screenshot 16Press screenshot 17Press screenshot 18Press screenshot 19Press screenshot 20Press screenshot 21Press screenshot 22Press screenshot 23

Try the brand new game of skill offered by Chaos Theory, with a totally innovative design.

Press the red button Several times you can, be careful not to press the black and remember not to end on time!

Make the highest score and challenge your friends!

At the end of the match you can watch an advertising video and get a bonus of “double score” for the next game.

• compelling, unpredictable and exciting game
• dynamic display with random phrases to scroll
• video advertising -> double score to the next game
• Original and electrifying design
• HD graphics optimized for tablets and smartphones
• unique and addictive music
• access to Google Play Games services

Can you get the highest score in the world?

Good luck!

See detail information and download apk file:


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