Infinity – Your challenge, try to stay alive.


Your challenge, try to stay alive.

Infinity screenshot 0Infinity screenshot 1Infinity screenshot 2Infinity screenshot 3Infinity screenshot 4Infinity screenshot 5Infinity screenshot 6Infinity screenshot 7Infinity screenshot 8Infinity screenshot 9Infinity screenshot 10Infinity screenshot 11

Infinity is a classic ball game with a twist. Avoid the obstacles that get in your way and try to bounce your way to the end of each Area. Infinity features over 40 levels each crafted to offer a unique challenge. 2D shapes and lighting effects create a beautiful 2D platformer. If you thought Flappy Bird was hard, try Infinity. Infinity is very addictive so be warned.

– Over 40 unique levels- with more added every month
– Awesome real time physics – a unique physics system means levels are not just flat 2D platforms
– Simple controls – simple one touch gameplay means you can become a pro instantly
– Unique and challenging level design will make you question which path to take on your journey to the end

New levels are added every month, see how far you can get before they are added.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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