LUFT Game – Get “Luft” FOR FREE now and dive into the ultimate deep-sea adventure!


Get “Luft” FOR FREE now and dive into the ultimate deep-sea adventure!

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Dive into your ultimate deep-sea adventure with “LUFT” (German for “air”). 100 % FOR FREE, 200 % Jump and Run, and all sorts of tricky puzzles. Dive through exciting levels while you learn simple exercises to breathe more efficiently in real life.


In LUFT you step into the wetsuit of Doctor Emil Fiato, this game’s well-known deep-sea diver and marine biologist. You help him to get out of a difficult situation. Since his lifeline got severed suddenly during his last dive he is trapped at the bottom of the sea. Therefore he has to carefully manage the little air he has left. You and Doctor Fiato have to start quickly to fight your way through unknown deep-sea worlds, skillfully and cleverly master each level, and make it to the rescue pod.

Find all hidden tips along your way and learn how to manage your breathable air more efficiently in real live.

LUFT is absolutely free. There are no hidden in-app purchases, no registrations or distracting ads. You can start right away and fully enjoy this deep-sea adventure.

Get ready to meet ungrateful sharks, devious jellyfish, dangerous seaweed, annoying Guppy and crazy fish in this game as well as helpful sea turtles and squid that will make you “go dark” 😉

This game combines Jump and Run with tricky and fun puzzles. This game will definitely pull you in. Enjoy!

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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