Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer – Journey through the stars in the best Endless Space Flight Arcade Game

Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer

Journey through the stars in the best Endless Space Flight Arcade Game

Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 0Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 1Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 2Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 3Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 4Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 5Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 6Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 7Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 8Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 9Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 10Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 11Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 12Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 13Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 14Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 15Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 16Pixl Escape: Arcade Flyer screenshot 17

Command a spacecraft through the stars escaping aliens by holding left or right, or by tilting side to side.

Collect coins on your journey to unlock other crafts as you dodge aliens in the vast beyond.
Pixl Escape is the journey in space that everyone’s raving about!

Download TODAY and get a jumpstart on your journey through space with 50 extra coins, for a limited time only! Download now!
Pixl Escape Features:

◆Arcade Look & Feel Pixl Escape is a game for those nostalgic about the pixel-art design of old Arcade games. All pixelation is intended as a tribute to retro-gaming, especially since it is accompanied by an 8-bit music soundtrack.

◆Dead-Simple Gameplay Command the ship through the stars and dodge incoming alien ships by simply tapping left or right to change the “space lane”. You can also tilt the device to control the ship’s direction.

◆Unlimited Play Pixl Escape features an infinite play mode since the enemies keep on coming. However difficulty increases as you travel farther in space so the inevitable crash will hinder your space escape.

◆High-Score Bragging The goal in this game is to travel the farthest possible and thus obtain a better score. You can share your score with friends to see who’s better at space travel or access the leaderboards.

◆Coin Collecting While dodging enemies ensures your survival, coins can be collected as well throughout the game. Using those you can change your spacecraft and the way alien ships look also.

◆Personalize your journey through space by unlocking different spacecrafts to have in your arsenal, including the Time Machine, The classic Galaga craft and the Police Box! And many more to come!

◆Awesome 8 Bit Music that you can jam out to at any time

◆Achievements that showcase your progress at its finest

Pixl Escape is the ultimate challenge against your friends and everyone in the world.
Can you top them on the leaderboards and become the greatest player in Pixl Escape? Do you have what it takes to react fast enough and command your customized spacecraft to dodge the hordes of aliens?

Can you stand the test of time?

Start playing today and find out now!

Reviewed by:

“a tribute on the behalf of Pixl Game Studios to the “Golden Age” of arcade games and its landmark titles”
– IndieGameMag: goo.gl/9gXZbR

“Pixl Game Studios is getting ready to break the 5K downloads mark!”
– DroidGamers goo.gl/cxzDtt

“Pixl Escape: Space Flight is an exciting adventure and action game 9/10”
– AppGames goo.gl/gWMTkX

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See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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