River Fall – Tap the right colors to jump. Only one rule, don't fall into the river.

River Fall

Tap the right colors to jump. Only one rule, don’t fall into the river.

River Fall screenshot 0River Fall screenshot 1River Fall screenshot 2River Fall screenshot 3River Fall screenshot 4River Fall screenshot 5River Fall screenshot 6

Have you ever dreamed to become the greatest shaolin of kung fu? Do you have what it takes to become a Shaolin master ? Do you want to become the best Shaolin ever ? River Fall a Rrythm and reflexes game is made for you !

In River Fall, you are Ki. A Shaolin student at his first training day of kung fu.
Only one rule, don’t fall into the river.
With awesome 2D pixel environments, River Fall is a great rhythm kung-fu high-scores game.
How far will you go ? Try to be the best shaolin ever… don’t fall !
Will you be faster and a better shaolin than your friends ?
Practice your reflexes of kung fu with this rhythm game to become the next Bruce Lee. Calm down your angry with our new kung fu pixel game. Be cool and you will be succesfull

Tap the right colors with the good rhythm to jump. If it’s the wrong colors or if you aren’t fast enough or don’t have the right rhythm, you will fall.
Don’t fall I said !

Submit your score to see who is the best Shaolin master!

* Rhythm and reflexes game
* your score, your high-score, and with twitter and facebook, you challenge people all around the world
* beautiful pixel art graphics
* addicting gameplay
* Shaolin kung-fu ninja theme
* a very addicting gameplay
* Endless game
* No in-app purchases!

Will you be the best pixel Shaolin ?
Don’t fall I said !

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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