HeroesRun – new kind of run game that combines "shooter," "RPG," and "run game" components.


new kind of run game that combines "shooter," "RPG," and "run game" components.

HeroesRun screenshot 0HeroesRun screenshot 1HeroesRun screenshot 2HeroesRun screenshot 3

New hero of run game shows up!
Quit routine run games.
“Heroes run” is a new kind of run game that combines “shooter,” “RPG,” and “run game” components.

★Heroes Run Feature★

▶ Avoid obstacles and defeat monsters!
Move rapidly to the left or right to dodge the falling obstacles and attack monsters!
Thrilling obstacles that will show up from anywhere!
Exciting game speed and fantastic visual effect make for another enjoyable part!

▶Full of RPG components!
Another routine run game? No! Attack increase! Defense increase! Level-up!
RPG fans will love the hero level-up and battle components!

▶The story and stage structure double the fun of the run game!
Enjoy the moving story.

▶ Summon heros and make them stronger!
Select one of five heroes who have unique abilities!
You can make a stronger hero by upgrading!

▶ Who will be the world champion? Be up for the Challenge!
Compete with players worldwide for various rankings.
Go beyond the ranking competition among your friends — aim for the world’s best!

▶ Daily quest
Do the fun daily quest to get rewards!

▶ Splendid sound effect and BGM
Lively and splendid sound effects are surely aural delights.

★Heroes Run Mode Explanation★

▶ Story mode
Clear each stage based on the scenario to proceed with the game.
Defeat all the monsters showing up at each stage!

▶ Championship mode
Be the best in the world!
Compete with players worldwide via the ranking system to see who goes furthest.

▶ Hell mode
You die once you get hit in this devilishly difficult mode!
Compete with players worldwide in harsh conditions.

》Go to customer support center : me2.do/GGTfFPLX
You can inquire about payment error and inconvenience through the customer support center.

》Go to the Heroes run official cafe: cafe.naver.com/heroesrun
In the cafe, you can get various kin ds of information and share it.

Download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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