Paper Quest – Avoid obstacles and make your paper airplane go the distance.

Paper Quest

Avoid obstacles and make your paper airplane go the distance.

Paper Quest screenshot 0Paper Quest screenshot 1Paper Quest screenshot 2Paper Quest screenshot 3Paper Quest screenshot 4Paper Quest screenshot 5Paper Quest screenshot 6

Ready to play Paper Quest? With simple touch and release controls, you can move your paper airplane up and down. Fly your airplane around obstacles and gain points for going the distance. Collect Kanjacoins to gain a boost to your score. This game is entirely random, so you’ll never experience the same game twice. The game gets harder as you progress, be prepared for anything. Paper Quest is suitable for all ages: young or old.

Game Story:
Once upon a time, a great paper smith built the perfect paper airplane, capable of flying forever. He threw the paper airplane into the “Cave of Many Tests”, in hopes to gain wealth by collecting many kanjacoins. You must guide the plane to victory, by collecting as many coins as you can, and make the plane fly the farthest distance possible.

If you like Paper Airplanes, and simple controls, This is the game for you. It’s a simple time waster with simple controls. Share it with your friends. ALSO, did we mention it is free? Paper Quest is competitive, so share your score with your friends.

Do you think you can handle Paper Quest?

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