Vampire Bubble Shooter – Join the new, most amazing and fun Bubble Shooter puzzle-solving:Vampire Bubbles

Vampire Bubble Shooter

Join the new, most amazing and fun Bubble Shooter puzzle-solving:Vampire Bubbles

Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 0Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 1Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 2Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 3Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 4Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 5Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 6Vampire Bubble Shooter screenshot 7

Join the utilizing a balance of action, puzzle-solving and exploration lair of Vampire Bubble Shooter.
In this mysterious addition to our Casual Games Freaks free games, we introduce to you a special and free Vampire Bubble Shooter puzzle solving adventure.
Over the years vampires have always been hunted down by humans to the brink of extinction.
Every night at dawn, blood-thirsty vampires leave their coffin and appear secretly to meet in the shadows to brainstorm and find a solution against the upcoming final attack.
Become Kain – the last line of defense against humans by undertaking missions to save Vampires around the world to dominate or utterly destroy your enemies.
Distract the human’s attention with the special vampire bat cannon by shooting special colorful bubbles to create group of 3 or more same colored bubbles making them pop and unleash bats for a counter attack. There are too many puzzle and arcade levels to complete till morning! An endless night waits you. Be quick and use stealth shooting the bubbles otherwise, the Vampire Council will be very angry at you and you will be written in the Vamp history books as the failure of the entire hidden race.
From your castle, aim and shoot these colorful bubbles to the same color groups of bubbles. While overcoming the constant feel of being haunted.
Lovers of mystery and bubble shooting games can come together to play and compete against each other in this bubble puzzle game with vampire, bat, owl, raven, and coffin images. Vampire from around the world are ready to suck your blood if fail. The special Arcade mode is a big brain-teasing where you need to blast shoot and pop bubbles much more quickly and professionally. The arcade mode pushes your vampire skills to the max.


– Free bubble pop game
– Almost unlimited arcade levels
– Bubble genre with a mystery theme
– Colorful shiny bubbles
– Friendly user interface
– International leaderboards
– Thousands of arcade and puzzle levels
– Resume to last place feature
– Great for all vampire’s fans!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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