Jelly Snake – Arcade-heavy game for in between!5 game modes, lots of variety!

Jelly Snake

Arcade-heavy game for in between!5 game modes, lots of variety!

Jelly Snake screenshot 0Jelly Snake screenshot 1Jelly Snake screenshot 2Jelly Snake screenshot 3Jelly Snake screenshot 4

Jelly Snake is a colorful, entertaining arcade game in retro style:
5 different game modes provide plenty of variety:

# Either you Jelly Snake steer very classic on the screen and eats it as many fruits as possible so that the snake grows.

# Or you try again, the entire screen leerzufressen while lying only allow the stones.

# In a somewhat different variant of Jelly Snake you must touch each screen field only once!

# Or you must destroy rampaging foes by eating a pit around them to the screen.

# A opponents Snake also still waiting for your challenge.

Not so easy? Because the longer you play, the faster Jelly Snake!

High Scores are also available, so you can record whether thou art improved play.

Discover the colorful world of Jelly Snake in five game modes!
A simple game for in between.

 The advantages of Jelly Snake at a glance

+ + 5 game modes
+ + Simples, arcade-heavy gameplay
+ + Minimum load times
+ + Cute, colorful graphics
+ + High resolution, Jelly Snake is also on tablets playable
+ + Simple touch screen controls

All this awaits you in Jelly Snake!
Why not try the same.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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