PinBall Flipper Mania – PinBall Flipper Mania

PinBall Flipper Mania

PinBall Flipper Mania

PinBall Flipper Mania screenshot 0PinBall Flipper Mania screenshot 1

Pinball offers trays based on some of the biggest entertainment brands such as Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Alien, The Walking Dead, South Park and more! Zen Pinball is the place to go for all lovers of pinball.
the inventors of digital pinball, Flipper Pinball is the perfect destination to play exciting trays! Offering both original and exclusive trays based on some of the largest entertainment brands, advanced ball physical, extended social functions , Zen Pinball on Android continues to tradition established by , the leader in pinball videogames.

Flipper Pinball sets new standards in terms of physical and realistic ball graphic details in pinball video games. It offers advanced graphics, exciting trays, ball natural and realistic shelf and innovative features.

What the press thinks:

When I run Pinball FX2 on Xbox Live Arcade, I spend at least two hours playing each tray. Now, experience points and bonuses are even transferable in part part? Sure, Zen Studios does not want me to sleep. – Kotaku

Marvel Pinball offers a great experience for an already excellent play. If you grew up playing pinball, you’ll rediscover what you worship in the arcades. And if you have not experienced the pleasure of playing pinball, discover it now. – IGN

We will probably continue to play long after this article, thanks to the many available trays. All pinball fans open their ears well, this game is as fantastic as if you owned a real pinball home.

Your destination Pinball

Pinball offers dozens of trays, both original pinball machines created by our developers and many others based on some of the most popular entertainment franchises. Complete your collection now!

Plateau Sorcerer’s Lair free!

Zen Pinball comes with the Sorcerer’s Lair legendary tea, for free! Download the app and get instant access to one of our best plates.

See detail information and download apk file:


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