Pluсky Leaper – A Leaper sets off for the adventure dreaming about the biggest emerald ever!

Pluсky Leaper

A Leaper sets off for the adventure dreaming about the biggest emerald ever!

Pluсky Leaper screenshot 0Pluсky Leaper screenshot 1Pluсky Leaper screenshot 2Pluсky Leaper screenshot 3Pluсky Leaper screenshot 4Pluсky Leaper screenshot 5Pluсky Leaper screenshot 6Pluсky Leaper screenshot 7Pluсky Leaper screenshot 8Pluсky Leaper screenshot 9

Plucky Leaper is captivating arcade game width original 2D-graphics!
The main hero sest off for treasure hunt dreaming about the biggest emerald ever! Collect all treasures on your way and don`t get into villains claws!
Giant emeralds were found in various parts of the world. The courageous jumper sest off for the adventure to find as many of them as possible.
– A great amount jf cathy traps prepared by the guardians of these rare gems!
– Jump, slip, destroy and avoid the guardians on your way!
– 100 levels are waiting for you creating the atmosphere of events taking place in various parts of our immense world!
– Cunning and craft are your advantages! Having mastered the game, you will collect all the artefacts!
– Collect gems, destroy the guardians, crush obstacles – everything will let you open new emerald deposits.
– Worldwide top gamer list shows your and friends` level of mastership!
– You gain special award for unique achievements.
– Pay attention that the game is totally free, but some gaming items are available for money.
– The application contains video advertisement that you can use to improve your result.
To jump longer, to collect more gems, to think the strategy over for moving on, to outwit the guardians and not to get into the abyss – here are the main task that you will face in the game! Captivating gaming process will bring you joy and happines! If you are courageous, witty and fast – that is the game for you!
To collect all the gems and not get into the hands of the villains – only the chosen can do it! Try it – you are the hero.

See more information and download apk file for android:


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