360 Samurai – Addictive, arcade action from Chunky Games – can you top the leaderboard?!

360 Samurai

Addictive, arcade action from Chunky Games – can you top the leaderboard?!

360 Samurai screenshot 0360 Samurai screenshot 1360 Samurai screenshot 2360 Samurai screenshot 3360 Samurai screenshot 4360 Samurai screenshot 5360 Samurai screenshot 6360 Samurai screenshot 7360 Samurai screenshot 8360 Samurai screenshot 9360 Samurai screenshot 10360 Samurai screenshot 11

Slash your way through waves of enemy samurai with a never seen before, simple screen swipe technique.

You are the lone samurai in the middle of the screen, fighting off enemies coming at you from 360 degrees. Simply swipe behind your character at the last minute to tear your foes limb from limb. But beware, the longer you live the faster and more plentiful these enemies will become.

Help is at hand however as each time you play you will earn Experience Points, which can be used to upgrade your samurai’s sword and armour, arm him with throwing shurikens and much more.
Reaching higher waves will also unlock alternative characters to play as.

Featuring simple and addictive gameplay, competitive leaderboards, charming hand drawn graphics and multiple original music tracks, 360 Samurai is a must play, can’t miss experience – download now and get stuck in!

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/game-arcade


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