Paint Runner – Paint the maze, win the game

Paint Runner

Paint the maze, win the game

Paint Runner screenshot 0Paint Runner screenshot 1Paint Runner screenshot 2Paint Runner screenshot 3Paint Runner screenshot 4Paint Runner screenshot 5Paint Runner screenshot 6Paint Runner screenshot 7Paint Runner screenshot 8Paint Runner screenshot 9Paint Runner screenshot 10

Paint Runner is a fun maze-painting arcade game, slightly similar to pac-man but better

Paint your way through different mazes, avoiding various snakes, poisoners and ninjas!

– Control the brush using screen swipes (see note below*)
– Paint 100% of the maze to win, while avoiding enemies
– Some enemies leave footsteps on the maze, you have to re-paint these
– If you get a bucket of paint you become strong and can kick enemies for a while
– Collect all 5 stars on to get the highest rating
– Teleporters will help you fool your enemies
– Enemies get smarter as you play (truly)

Paint runner is and will always be free.

*Note: Control the brush using finger swipes. You can command the brush to
turn BEFORE reaching a corner, by swiping earlier. You can also swipe
anywhere on screen, even without lifting your finger (continuous swipe). Try it !

Have fun

See more information:


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