Gravity Cave – Cross the quarry and reach safely the end point!

Gravity Cave

Cross the quarry and reach safely the end point!

Gravity Cave screenshot 0Gravity Cave screenshot 1Gravity Cave screenshot 2Gravity Cave screenshot 3Gravity Cave screenshot 4Gravity Cave screenshot 5Gravity Cave screenshot 6Gravity Cave screenshot 7Gravity Cave screenshot 8Gravity Cave screenshot 9Gravity Cave screenshot 10Gravity Cave screenshot 11Gravity Cave screenshot 12Gravity Cave screenshot 13Gravity Cave screenshot 14Gravity Cave screenshot 15Gravity Cave screenshot 16Gravity Cave screenshot 17Gravity Cave screenshot 18Gravity Cave screenshot 19Gravity Cave screenshot 20

Gravity Cave is a modern game in retro style, space shooter that involves aliens and spaceships. You are in a hostile environment populated by strange monsters that tend to throw against your ship to destroy it. The aliens have found their habitat in a quarry. Your goal is to cross the quarry and reach safely to the end point highlighted by a green arrow. Along the way you will face a variety of obstacles to overcome: aliens of various types, barriers lightning, cannons, fire, gravity inverters and much more. To survive in this environment, you need to shoot the aliens and to do that you have at your disposal bullets and bombs. Many aliens affected will become valuable resources to continue the game: fuel, bullets, bombs or shields. Find out everything you find along the way and keeping balance in your space ship quickly reach the exit.
60 levels available!

Download apk file for android:


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