Reflexes – Keep your trained reflexes with Reflexes!


Keep your trained reflexes with Reflexes!

Reflexes screenshot 0Reflexes screenshot 1Reflexes screenshot 2Reflexes screenshot 3Reflexes screenshot 4Reflexes screenshot 5Reflexes screenshot 6Reflexes screenshot 7Reflexes screenshot 8Reflexes screenshot 9Reflexes screenshot 10Reflexes screenshot 11Reflexes screenshot 12Reflexes screenshot 13Reflexes screenshot 14

Keep your trained reflexes with Reflexes! A game that will test your powers of observation and concentration! When the game is randomly generated grid containing images. Subsequently, in the center pane at the top, is shown that by searching randomly selected from among those present in the grid. The objective of the game is to beat the overall record (calculated by level of difficulty) by clicking, without error and within the prescribed time, all of the images corresponding to the one shown. The moment you end the series of images corresponding (avendoci clicked on) in the middle pane shows a new image search. As you advance in the game the time at our disposal is reduced even more by increasing the possibility of failure or going out of time. The time available is displayed in large on the right while the points accumulated on the left. The score is calculated by adding the remaining time for each set of images (expressed in tenths of a second) to click on each image.

Download apk file for android:


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