Fantasy Bowling with Pals – Fantasy Bowling is a free bowling game, where you can go bowling in exotic spots

Fantasy Bowling with Pals

Fantasy Bowling is a free bowling game, where you can go bowling in exotic spots

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Fantasy Bowling with Pals
One day, Jack the HammerHead was feeling pretty bored. He wandered through the forest, musing how he could make his days more fun.
When suddenly he saw the monkeys munching bananas and sending the peels flying through the air towards the bamboos.
‘Uhh!, that’s an idea,’ Jack mumbled, as he plucked a coconut and rolled it at a tortoise nearby. And he felt pleased with himself when the coconut hit the animal’s shell and made a tingling sound.
So friends, that’s how it all started. Jack started pondering over new ways to enhance the sport and as a first step, he invited Mikey the Spinney to a match.
Thrilled as they were, the two buddies went on to add new dimensions to the game. They discovered new spots to play, practiced new bowling styles, devised different alleys, some straight, some curved, some looped, while still others having a cannon or a catapult midway for more fun.
And they played everywhere – in forests and in islands – amid the most scenic of landscapes.
Wanna try this incredibly cool bowling game? Take the chance to compete for victory with your friends and prove your skills against bowling legends!
Salient Features:
• Fantastic alleys set in exotic lands that spring to life with bright and cheerful graphics.
• Play with your Facebook friends in real-time, in one-on-one multiplayer matches.
• Great sound effects.
• Return every day for a free bonus gift of Coins.
• A working Internet connection is a must.
So Fantasy Bowling with Pals is a free bowling game, where you can go bowling in exotic spots. There’s the Forest area and the Island area, with a number of alleys in each area.
In terms of its gameplay, the game is simple. Just place your character on desired location and tap and hold to launch the ball. You can even swipe to spin the ball while it’s rolling.
You can play matches with Facebook friends as well as random opponents. Each match consists of three rounds in three different alleys and the player with the highest aggregate score in all three rounds is the winner.
Now go ahead and use your techniques and strategies to aim for a perfect score!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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