Tag: Developer: Agile Fusion Studios

Labyrinth – Labyrinth

Labyrinth Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a ball by tilting a wooden maze surface. Avoid the holes to steer your ball to the goal. Once limited to large wooden boxes and actual steel balls, this much-beloved game is now available on your Android tablet. Tilt the “board” and use the remarkable gravity […]

Games for Kids Bundle Free – Games for Kids Bundle Free

Games for Kids Bundle Free Games for Kids and Toddlers is hands-down the most comprehensive learning made fun bundle for your little ones. Engage young minds in reading, memorization, mathematics, logic, and more with a dozen modern amusements that intrigue growing brains from those with pre-language skills to kids in elementary school. Handing over Games […]

Meltdown Escape – Meltdown Escape

Meltdown Escape Meltdown Escape provides the obstacle-avoiding action that will bring you back to childhood in all the right ways! This goofy little game’s graphics and sounds effects are reason enough to delight in Meltdown Escape–but the hilarity that ensues as you advance through more and more obnoxious obstacles is what will have you really […]

Shopping – Hidden Objects Shopping & 3 puzzle games

Hidden Objects Shopping & 3 puzzle games The day before payday can be excruciating when all you need is a little retail therapy. Window shopping is fun, but wheres the challenge? Fortunately Hidden Objects Shopping gives us the chance to shop, not spend money, and have a ton of fun searching for elusive and exclusive […]

Pinball Park – Pinball Park

Pinball Park The joy of the arcade is at your fingertips with Pinball Park. This app’s awesome 80s graphics evoke the feeling of taking your pocketful of quarters to the mall to play pinball all afternoon while dodging the truancy cops. Full screen action turns your device into the perfect pinball game with no need […]