Tag: Developer: Agile Fusion Studios

Shopping – Hidden Objects Shopping & 3 puzzle games

Hidden Objects Shopping & 3 puzzle games The day before payday can be excruciating when all you need is a little retail therapy. Window shopping is fun, but wheres the challenge? Fortunately Hidden Objects Shopping gives us the chance to shop, not spend money, and have a ton of fun searching for elusive and exclusive […]

Pinball Park – Pinball Park

Pinball Park The joy of the arcade is at your fingertips with Pinball Park. This app’s awesome 80s graphics evoke the feeling of taking your pocketful of quarters to the mall to play pinball all afternoon while dodging the truancy cops. Full screen action turns your device into the perfect pinball game with no need […]

Jaws of Treasure – Jaws of Treasure

Jaws of Treasure If you find yourself constantly battling the urge to stick your fingers where they dont belong, Jaws of Treasure is right up your impetuous little alley! Your goal is to grab treasures from the jaws of a naughty, toothy toad before he chomps down on your digits. A game of quick reflexes […]

Squirrel Jump – Squirrel Jump

Squirrel Jump What happens when rascally squirrels take over and become the greatest collectors of power nuts and berries?!?! Well, move over Oprah and Trump the power to dominate now lies in the furry clutches of the dudes in Squirrel Jump. Awesome cartoon graphics, and gut-busting sound effects make for a game playing experience sure […]

Mystery Behind The Mirror – Mystery Behind The Mirror

Mystery Behind The Mirror Follow in the footsteps of a girl on the search for her long-lost brother through a world of spooky dimensions and unexpected twists in Mystery Behind The Mirror Quest. Finding objects hidden in trompe loeil settings allow for hours of exploration and adventure as you attempt to free Victor from the […]

Crazy Chef – Crazy Chef

Crazy Chef Need a reason (or excuse) to exercise your top knife-wielding skills? Crazy Chef gives it to you without fear of being carted off to jail. Become a crazy chef as different foods pass through the screen. Pay attention and work swiftly, because your goal is to make the appropriate slices and dices for […]