Tag: Developer: Agile Fusion Studios

Top Chef – Top Chef

Top Chef At a time of foodies, home chefs, and opinionated food bloggers, take your passion for amped up mac n cheese, truffle foams, and kale anything to the world of games. Mixing the fun of hidden objects and time management games, Top Chef is a surefire hit for all of us who like to […]


Bugs Tower Defense – Bugs Tower Defense

Bugs Tower Defense 60% OFF for a LIMITED TIME! While your friends and neighbors may spend hundreds of dollars on exterminators, youll save money and have way more fun than Johnson down the block with Bugs Tower Defense. This easy to grasp game relies on your ability to kill a trail of bugs before they […]

Business Lady – Hidden Objects Business Lady & 7 Mini Games

Hidden Objects Business Lady & 7 Mini Games Hidden Objects Business Lady may sound like a ploy from your boss to get you to stop playing games and start working again, but fear not! Follow this savvy executive as she goes through her day at work, turning each otherwise mind-numbing task into a fun mini […]

Battle At Sea – Battle At Sea

Battle At Sea Few games incite fury for domination like Battle at Sea. Not your little sister’s app (unless she is a ruthless gaming tyrant, which may be the case and would be extraordinarily cool), Battle at sea challenges you to accept daunting tasks as a means of destroying your enemies in a play for […]

Travel – Hidden Objects Travel

Hidden Objects Travel There are a couple of theories as to why “stay-cations” have become an increasingly popular option for spending holiday time. A dwindling economy and an interest in supporting local businesses come to mind. Yet, Hidden Objects Travel may be the most solid reason to stay put while “traveling the world”. An assortment […]